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Consumer Unit & Fusebox Services Edinburgh

Are you considering upgrading or replacing your current consumer unit? Then you’ll need the professionals at Energize Electrical to help.

What Is A Consumer Unit?

Usually found within a cupboard in your home, your consumer unit is the source of the different electrical circuits in your home. It is sometimes referred to as a fuse box or fuse board. Power is distributed to the various electrical sources within your property through the consumer unit — including your sockets, lights, and even your electric shower. Therefore, choosing a suitable consumer unit for your home is crucial. Thankfully, Energize Electrical is here to help you find the correct consumer unit, understand how it works and replace your old one.

When Should You Consider Consumer Unit Replacement?

Suppose you’ve recently had an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), and the results have recommended your consumer unit or fuse board needs to be upgraded. In that case, you may need to replace your consumer unit. Or, perhaps your consumer unit is no longer compliant with current safety regulations. In either case, you’ll need to call in the professionals at Energize Electrical to help rectify the problem.

You may only need a partial consumer unit replacement or upgrade — our qualified electricians will be able to guide you once they’ve had a chance to inspect your unit.

domestic electrician installing consumer unit replacement

What Can You Expect From Our Consumer Unit Replacement Service?

  • Step 1: We’ll determine the current condition of your current consumer unit — this is typically conducted through an EICR test. Or, for more modern, smaller units, through inspection and checks carried out by one of our qualified electricians. Once we’ve determined it’s safe to carry out the replacement or upgrade, we’ll notify you.
  • Step 2: Our professional electricians will isolate the power supply, allowing us to remove your existing consumer unit safely.
  • Step 3: We’ll install your brand new consumer unit and ensure that each connection works perfectly throughout your property.
  • Step 4: Lastly, we’ll undertake a final test and issue your new EICR test certificate to let you know your new consumer unit meets all the necessary standards and regulations.
a man’s hand flipping the switch of a consumer unit

Why Choose Energize Electrical?

Our specialist electricians are NICEIC approved contractors, so you can relax knowing our standards are high and adhere to strict regulations. We’re a trusted Edinburgh trader with a whole host of satisfied customers to show for it. We’ve got expensive experience replacing and upgrading consumer units, so why not give us a ring today?

Discover Quick and Effortless Consumer Unit Replacement from Energize Electrical

Our trained electricians are on hand to help. So, contact us now for a no-obligation, free quote and find out why we’re one of Edinburgh’s top traders.

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